Pnina Inbar (Pinkiert) is a graduate of the Tel Aviv Music Teacher’s College. She studied singing with Lola Shanzer, was a member of the Cameran and Rinat Choirs and of the Quinta Zacca (Perfect Fifth) ensemble, and performed as a soprano soloist with various orchestras. 
Mrs.Inbar founded and conducts the Naama Women’s Choir, since 1989. She also founded and conducts the Meggido choir (Mixed voices) which she founded in 1995. Mrs. Inbar is a voice-training teacher as well as a music arranger. 
Pnina Inbar received the “Conductor′s Award” at Two international competitions sponsored by Interkultur International, in Germany and in Israel. 
In 2003 Pnina Inbar started instructing and conducting the Shani Girls Choir from the Yizrael Valley Arts Center. The singers are Jewish, Arab Christian and Muslim. The choir’s repertoire includes a wide variety, representing many different cultures.
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