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Naama Women's Choir

אנסמבל קולות נשים נעמה

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Naama Woman's Choir

Naama Women′s Choir conducted by Ms. Pnina Inbar, is renowned as one of the finest choirs in Israel. Founded in 1989 by conductor, singer and arranger Pnina Inbar, Naama Women′s Choir is dedicated to musical excellence and the introduction of classical music to varied audiences of all ages. The choir comprises of 30 singers, all of which have musical education.
The choir frequently performs throughout Israel and abroad in concerts, festivals and competitions. The choir performs acapella or with piano accompaniment, with an orchestra, various instrumental ensembles, soloists, and also as a smaller ensemble.

Naama Women′s Choir has been placed highly and won first prizes at international competitions such as the Mendelssohn Competition in Germany (1996), Shirat Hayamim, Israel (1996), Arrezo, Italy (2000), Beijing, China (2002), Wu-Xi, China (2004), and the Hajnowka Festival for Christian-Orthodox Music in Bialystok, Poland (2005). 3 bronze medals in various categories at Seghizzi Festival in Gorizia, Italy (2013). In 2014 Naama performed at the invitation of the Patriarch of Bulgaria in St. Sofia church in Sofia as part of a tour in Bulgaria. In May 2019 won the Audience's Choice award in Moscow Spring Acapella Festival.  

The choir′s diverse repertoire includes a wide range of classical works from all periods, original Israeli compositions written for the choir, Israeli and international folk songs, spirituals and more. Many of the Israeli folk songs were arranged for the choir by the conductor, Ms. Inbar.
The choir has produced three recordings: in 1996, 1999 and in 2007.
Naama Women′s Choir is supported by Israel′s Ministry of Culture.

Pnina Inbar (Conductor)


Pnina Inbar (Pinkiert) is a graduate of the Tel Aviv Music Teacher’s College. She studied singing with Lola Shanzer, was a member of the Cameran and Rinat Choirs and of the Quinta Zacca (Perfect Fifth) ensemble, and performed as a soprano soloist with various orchestras. 

Mrs.Inbar founded and conducts the Naama Women’s Choir, since 1989. She also founded and conducts the Meggido choir (Mixed voices) which she founded in 1995. Mrs. Inbar is a voice-training teacher as well as a music arranger. 

Pnina Inbar received the “Conductor′s Award” at Two international competitions sponsored by Interkultur International, in Germany and in Israel. 

In 2003 Pnina Inbar started instructing and conducting the Shani Girls Choir from the Yizrael Valley Arts Center. The singers are Jewish, Arab Christian and Muslim. The choir’s repertoire includes a wide variety, representing many different cultures.


Svetlana Kardiako - Lugova (Piano)


Svetlana Kardiako Lugova, pianist and accompanist, born in Odessa. Graduated MA and BA with honors from the "Nezhdanova" Music Academy in Odessa. 

In Israel, performs as a soloist and with chamber ensembles on various stages. Teaches piano.

Piano Accompanist of Naama Choir.



The Seal Lullaby // Naama Women's Choir in concert

The Seal Lullaby // Naama Women's Choir in concert
The Seal Lullaby // Naama Women's Choir in concert

The Seal Lullaby // Naama Women's Choir in concert

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A. Argov: Shir Mishmar

A. Argov: Shir Mishmar

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My Cries for Grace  (kenneth Lampl) - Naama Women's Choir

My Cries for Grace (kenneth Lampl) - Naama Women's Choir

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ויימלט קין // אנסמבל קולות נשים נעמה בקונצרט

ויימלט קין // אנסמבל קולות נשים נעמה בקונצרט

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